Music - A window to my soul

I remember a rainy day at the hotel when I was on holiday with my family aged 9.Someone put a song on the Juke box and my world changed forever more . “Give me love “ by George Harrison is the first devotional song I heard and the moment my soul introduced itself to the avatar I inhabit on earth.

Some 40 years later and after a wild journey through pop, rock,soul, electronica, ambient soundscapes, commercial soundtracks and sound healing I returned to a deep sense of purpose through devotional music.

Music has astonishing power to transform the state of mind and being of its recipient and each time I fool myself into believing I’ve found its resting place, centre or peak, it surprises me even further with its ability to unite souls, shift moods and atmospheres and create space for massive changes of perception.

Im so lucky to have been given this gift.