The first devotional song I heard was “Give me love “ by George Harrison when I was about 9. I didn’t realise the significance of this song at the time, only the power it had to take me away from earthly thoughts and feelings .

I was introduced to Kirtan- a chanting practice that is now becoming very popular amongst yoga circles, whilst living in Melbourne 2010-2015.

The science behind Kirtan and other meditative practices is well explored and defined in “Why God won’t go away “ an excellent book by Andrew Newberg and Eugene D’Aquili.

In 2012 I met Aarti Jadu, a gifted singer songwriter from Perth and we started to develop ideas that would eventually become the album Quiet Earth. 

I have been lucky to engage in the playing of devotional song, Kirtan and music for healing with excellent musicians all around the world.


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Quiet Earth

A double album of Bhajans which we succesfully crowdfunded in 2016 after nearly four years of playing together in Australia and New Zealand.

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