I've composed music for Sony and Sega on major computer games titles. Below is an advert  for PSP game  "Crush" from Sega  featuring my music  - a superb brief to work with - the Music Director asked for "Danny Elfman meets Massive attack "   So thats what he got …..

Choosing the right players is key to a successful soundtrack and huge credit must go to Neil Cowley for his piano and synth parts. Neil and I have worked together on many projects including the Green Nuns and Gabrielle's band. 

To create the insane pace and feel required I gave Neil dramatic and rather odd guidelines  i.e " Play this line as if you were falling downstairs with the piano strapped top your knees  ". 

The project saw me recording a local rugby team singing pirate songs and folk society doing renditions of sea shanties which I then "warped" electronically .

Sega PSP game 'Crush" for Zoe Mode/Sega- Brighton,UK.