Matt Coldrick

Spiders web Photos by Sarah Thornton Smith.


I am a creative with a background in music. I've performed and recorded all around the world in a variety of genres and projects from Psychedelic Trance to Devotional song, from soul-pop and hip hop to Celtic folk and digital game soundtracks. 

Music and the creative journey has been my teacher showing me countries, cultures, beliefs and customs I would never have been privy to otherwise.It has helped me to cultivate a view of life that is ecological in that I now try to see all things as inter-related and inter-dependant. 

This broadening of my world view has shown me the importance of seeing things and peoples in context.The value and influence of narrative and story and the need to use models and patterns of nature to develop our thinking into an ecology of interconnectedness that we can make choices based on an awareness of the whole picture.

My approach to individuals ,to projects and to that which I call my art revolves around these simple points of navigation.

I started out before the revolution of the world wide web and realisations about climate change with its multiple impacts.I long to see a world where humanity views itself as a grateful guest on the planet and we treat each other and all living species with the necessary respect and reverence to continue our tenancy.