The discovery theatre at KIOSC , part of Swinburne University in Victoria Australia is an immersive multimedia environment designed to connect students to a sustainable productive future. Students work in teams across problems associated with developing a Sustainable Urban Development called Knoxbridge Park.

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I helped  developed content for student orientation by recording students and performers playing improvisational drama games on themes related to the KIOSC core values.

These sound bites became the source material for  audio montages. 

We also developed KNBPR and imaginary local radio station and delivered the content in the form of radio items. 

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Discovery Theatre Orientation 


Music is one of the fastest mediums for creating a memorable message and an emotional gateway to start a learning process. 

I wrote and produced the orientation theme tune- Knocking Down Walls for the KIOSC Discovery Theatre.

. This set the tone of the learning experience by creating a song using words associated with the core values of KIOSC.



The Situation Room

The Black Saturday fires in Victoria claimed 173 lives in 2009- the week I arrived in Australia. Much of my work with Kaleidio was spent researching and developing ways to build community resilience in the face of bush fire threat for Fire Services Victoria .

The task was nothing less than to mobilise and motivate an independent community to appoint its own leaders, audit local assets and build a communication network using the technology and processes of the decision making theatre.