I've composed music for Sony and Sega on major computer games titles. Below is an advert for PSP game "Crush" from Sega featuring my music - a superb brief to work with - the Music Director asked for "Danny Elfman meets Massive attack on mushrooms " ! So thats what he got …..

Choosing the right players if key to a successful soundtrack and huge credit must go to Neil Cowley who for his piano and synth parts. Neil and I have worked together on many projects having met in Gabrielle's band.

To create the insane pace and feel required I gave Neil dramatic and rather odd guidelines i.e " Play this line as if you were falling downstairs with the piano strapped top your knees " or " Imagine you've just stumbled out of a Soho jazz club at four in the morning, drunk and you find a piano at the side of the road and are a little nervous about playing but really want to…"

The more convoluted and weird the direction, the better he played. I'm not sure if that says more about him or me….probably him, Im quite sane.