During the 12 years I lived in London I did the studio circuit as a session guitarist . I also worked as a writer/producer helping emerging acts develop from a basement studio in Stoke-Newington. The Akai sampler revolutionised the way records were made - making cut and paste sampling mush more available . Hip hop and rare groove drove the dance-floors and Indie dance, raves and the Manchester scene pumped attitude into British popular culture making it a very exciting time to be a musician in the UK.

I played guitar on Sunshine on a Rainy Day by Zoe, a big radio hit in the UK- I'd just popped into a Soho studio to collect some cash from The Boilerhouse boys for a previous session and it was a case of "oh whilst your here Matt , could you just give us some heavy rock guitar on this pop tune were working on ?

I wrote and produced with Platinum selling girl rapper Betty Boo on her album Boomania for Rhythm King records - Betty Boo did a huge amount for girl power way before The Spice Girls concocted a similar attitude.
I performed on many rare-groove style songs and remixes during those London years - this was the flavour of the day and it showed me how a pop culture "scene" can evolve and just as quickly fade ….and the importance of embracing whatever colours surround you ….and then letting them go .

A big break came in the mid 90's - I performed and recorded with Gabrielle from 1994-1999 and was lucky to work with some excellent musicians and producers during that period, including a session on a Bryan Ferry song with legendary producer Trevor Horn. Trevor played table tennis and ate Bagels in-between takes .

Gabs won her Brtipop after our last tour together. I'm proud to have been a part of a very vibrant time in UK pop music and to have worked with some very talented people who taught me so much.

A week before I started working with her I was busking at Westminster Underground station to pay my rent.

"No trumpets herald opportunity, fate arrives unannounced."