Green Nuns on Ice -The Pan Electric Variations

by Pan Electric/The Green Nuns

Dubby,trippy and as often as possible irreverent re-workings of the Green Nuns of the revolution 90's trance tunes.

The Green Nuns of The Revolution!

by Pan Electric/The Green Nuns

TTrance Mavericks formed in Fulham SW London in 1993/94. Part of a massive thriving underground dance scene with labels such as Flying Rhino, Dragonfly,Phantasm and TIP. Trance central was Dragonfly records founded by "Killing Joke " Bass player,Youth.

The Green Nuns, an unlikely trio of friends, Dick Trevor, Neil Cowley and Matt Coldrick took great joy in breaking the Trance/rave scene norms with as much self-deprecating humour and lunacy as could be mustered.

Their first and only album was titled "Rock Bitch Mafia" a phrase coined by Roger Waters daughter ( who posed for the cover ) to describe the rock 'n roll wives and widows who frequented the Wine bars of the Kings Road in Fulham, London where the Nuns' studio was based. The album name had no relevance to the Trance scene which was in true Green nuns tradition.

The band name ,many believed was a reference to radical environmental political beliefs.It was actually taken from the all-female bodyguards of Libya's Colonel Gadaffi as seen in a TV documentary by the boys one very stoned night in Fulham.

Neil Cowley is now a very famous and successful Jazz musician ,Dick Trevor is now a very successful and famous International Trance DJ, Matt Coldrick is now a space shuttle pilot.