I arrived in Australia in Feb 2009 - the week of the Black Saturday fires. Auspicious, in that my first employer and sponsor was Kaleidio.com.au - a communication design company with many major clients and much depth of experience in telling stories. A large part of my time was spent researching , developing and consulting ideas for Community fire preparation for Craig Lapsley's Office at FSVIC.
My work at Kaleidio involved working on creative concepts and content for major public sector clients including:-

• Melbourne Zoo ( Healesville Sanctuary)
• Immigration Museum Melbourne.
• National Arboretum Canberra
• Commissioner : Fire services Victoria
• The Knox Innovation, Opportunity and Sustainability centre Swinburne University.
• Melbourne Zoo ( Healesville Sanctuary)


Banjos Magical Adventure

Banjos' Magical adventure. The audio track to an interactive experience proposal for Healesville Sanctuary ( Kaleidio pty ltd) . The idea was to create a radio show run by the animals of the old growth forest as a way of highlighting the plight of the endangered Ledbeaters' possum. The storyline is based around an actual news item from the Black Saturday Fires in 2009.


KNBPR Radio is an imagined radio show discussing planning topics for an imagined urban development. We made this by creating and playing improvisational games with local drama students (14-16 yrs old) that focussed on relevant topics - I then edited the recorded sessions into a fast moving montage to create a radio program narrative. This was then used as a primer for the sustainable urban development game (below).